Breweries / Beers

This year many of the bars are run by individual breweries - this has reduced the total number of breweries represented slightly, but allows each brewery to present a more varied selection of their range. We've then got our special "guests" (a selection of breweries who weren't able to provide their own bar plus some special collaborations) on the Bash Taps, and of course our Internation selection too. Most bars are spread around the main Gatehouse room - depending on space (which we'll review once all the bars are on site) some bars such as the International Bar and Bash Taps may be found in the outside area under the canopy.

There is also our cider bar and the #CanRage takeout shop, both situated in the Gatehouse.

The list of confirmed breweries, and the beers they are bringing to the Bash, can be found using the links below, and these lists will be updated further as latest details are sent in. There may be some gaps - if we haven't been sent the information we can't publish it! While we're working to get a full list as soon as possible there is always the chance of late changes, which we'll try and reflect on here.

Browse through the details of the breweries, or check the beer lists (once confirmed) ordered either by brewery or by which bars they can be found on.

View a list of confirmed breweries

View a list of beers ordered by brewery

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