Beers Listed by Brewery

How the bars work
Listed beers are not available at all times. The cask and cider bars are fully stocked from the start of the Bash (as long as the beers / ciders are ready) until they run out. The various keg bars (UK and International beers plus our special focused bars on Wild and Sour beer, and Lager) will have an available selection of approximately half the listed beers at any time.
This list is still being added to and updated! Keep checking back for the latest news...

Beer Description Location Strength
Waddlegoose Blueberry

Clear, dark pink in colour. Pronounced aroma of ripe blueberries. Palate medium in body with marked blueberry flavour.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 3.80%
Beer Description Location Strength
Belgian Gold Gatehouse Blackjack Bar
Belgian IPA Gatehouse Blackjack Bar
Deerhunter Gatehouse Blackjack Bar
Don’t Know Don’t Care

No description provided

Cask Bar 0.00%
Farmhouse Red Gatehouse Blackjack Bar
Full House Brett DIPA Gatehouse Blackjack Bar
Gyle 700 Gatehouse Blackjack Bar
May The 4th Be With You Cask Bar
Small Saison Gatehouse Blackjack Bar
Southern Cross Single Hop IPA Gatehouse Blackjack Bar
Brew Age
Beer Description Location Strength

This Imperial IPA has grapefruit, passion fruit and citrus notes. Its malty body nicely balances the hoppy bitterness, resulting in a tart, fruity finish that makes you long for more.

Canopy International Bar 8.20%
Beer Description Location Strength

Triple IPA aged on oak chips and sour cherries

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 10.50%
Black Hammer

Ruthless Black IPA

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 7.20%
Blueberry Blitz

Blueberry Berliner Weisser

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 3.20%
Electric India

Vibrant Hoppy Saison

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 5.20%
Elvis Juice

Grapefruit infused IPA

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 6.50%
Strawberry Blitz

Strawberry Berliner Weisser

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 3.20%

Imperial stout with jasmine and cranberries

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 16.50%
Beer Description Location Strength
Axe Edge Canopy Bash Taps 6.80%
Bourbon Skyline Canopy Bash Taps 7.20%
Buxton Blonde Canopy Bash Taps 5.00%
Chocolate Ice Cream Brown Ale Canopy Bash Taps 6.20%
Nth Cloud Canopy Bash Taps 8.20%
Patersbier Canopy Bash Taps 4.00%
Beer Description Location Strength
IPL Centennial

India Pale Lager

Canopy Bash Taps 6.20%
US Light Ahtanum Bravo Canopy Bash Taps 3.60%
Beer Description Location Strength
Hoppy Hopkins

A stramash of high alpha hops combine to give a super hoppy bitter beer with citrus and herbal flavours.

Canopy Bash Taps 4.60%
Lazy Pole

A happy harmony of hops and mojito! Pale ale fermented with wheat yeast, a "herb dry hop" of the freshest mint & Mexican limes creating a super refreshing summer beer.

Canopy Bash Taps 4.80%
Pig Cubed Canopy Bash Taps
De Molen
Beer Description Location Strength
Bloed, Zweet & Tranen

Blood, Sweat & Tears, smoked dark ale

Canopy International Bar 8.20%
Heen & Weer

Abbaye tripel style

Canopy International Bar 9.20%
Op & Top

US hopped bitter

Canopy International Bar 4.50%
Beer Description Location Strength

Aurea is a golden frothy Iberian Pale Ale with a creamy foam head. Brewed with with plenty of citra and amarillo hops, this ale is light in body and elegantly floral with seductive fruit aromas of green guava, muscatel grape and melon.

Canopy International Bar 6.00%
La Corola

A smoked Spanish Rauch barrel aged beer with a hint of paprika

Canopy International Bar 6.60%
Dry and Bitter
Beer Description Location Strength
Christian Bale Ale Canopy International Bar 4.50%
Beer Description Location Strength
Black IPA Canopy Bash Taps
Lord Nelson Canopy Bash Taps
Beer Description Location Strength
Cali Common

One for the Summer, our California Common a lager/ale hybrid, a malty backbone with German Northern Brewer and New Zealands Sticklebract enjoy

Cask Bar 4.00%
Gold Pale Ale

The GPA is their lightest bodied beer designed to appeal to the lager drinker but with a lot more punch and aroma. This ale contains some of the rarest hops varieties from around the world

Canopy International Bar 4.20%
Mosaic Pale

Our Mosaic IPA is a light bodied, straw coloured and dry IPA. The grain bill leaves nowhere for the essence of the hop to hide. Expect tropical fruit, citrus and resinous pine, backed up with a lasting bitterness.

Canopy International Bar 6.30%
Firestone Walker
Beer Description Location Strength
Pivo Pils

Pivo Hoppy Pils is a classically rendered pilsner with a West Coast dry-­‐hopping twist, showcasing stylistic influences from Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic. Lighter beer styles like pilsner have been hijacked by industrial lager beer in the United States, and it’s time for craft brewers to take it back. Pivo Hoppy Pils offers impeccable balance with floral aromatics, spicy herbal nuances, and bergamot zest and lemongrass notes from dry hopping with German Saphir hops.

Canopy International Bar 5.30%
Wookey Jack

A riff on the familiar Black IPA style, Wookey Jack is gnarly on the outside yet refined on the inside. Malted Rye and a dash of Cara Rye impart a spicy grain quality to the palate, while double dry-­‐hopping with Citra and Amarillo hops brings a citrusy dimension to the aroma profile. The brewing team also claims to have incorporated a bit of “Wookey Dust” into the recipe. The beer is black in color, but if you close your eyes and taste it, you’ll say it’s a true IPA. Wookey Jack is unfined and unfiltered to retain its woolly natural texture and character.

Canopy International Bar 8.30%
Beer Description Location Strength
Azacca IPA

Named for the Haitian god of agriculture, the Azacca hop boasts intense, tropical fruit notes. Azacca IPA includes a touch of caramel malt to provide a sweet backbone to the citrus, mango and orchard fruit notes in this 7% ABV, 70 IBUs beer.

Canopy International Bar 7.00%
Backwoods Bastard

Expect lovely, warm smells of single malt scotch, oaky bourbon barrels, smoke, sweet caramel and roasted malts, a bit of earthy spice and a scintilla of dark fruit. It’s a kick-back sipper made to excite the palate.

Canopy International Bar 10.20%
Mango Magnifico

Mango Magnifico is a high-gravity fruit beer brewed with mango and a touch of habaneros to add just the right amount of heat. The delicate flavors imparted by the sweet richness of the mango are punctuated perfectly by the subtle heat of the habaneros, proving that fruit beers do not have to be one-note.

Canopy International Bar 10.00%
Beer Description Location Strength
Dunkel Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.80%
IPL Gatehouse Brewery Bars 5.50%
Kolsch Gatehouse Brewery Bars 5.00%
Organic Helles Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.80%
Pale Ale Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.40%
Pilsner Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.40%
Green Duck
Beer Description Location Strength
Duck & Cover

Chinook hops give pine and subtle grapefruit tones. Dry hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic to intensify the tropical fruit finish.

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.00%
Fat Neck IPA

A light golden IPA with masses of Sorachi Ace hops give intense coconut, lime and lemongrass flavour. A tropical nose with a mouth watering hoppy finish.

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 5.50%
Gypsy Inc
Beer Description Location Strength
Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem is a fresh IPA with a light malt base and strong fruity hop character. The American hops offer a bright taste that gives you a complex yet very drinkable experience. Drink up and enjoy.

Grapefruit & Pine (Amarillo & Cascade)

Canopy International Bar 6.20%
Tipsy Gypsy

Tipsy Gypsy is a crisp Pilsner brewed with a solid amount of refreshing American hops with notes of mango, citrus and passionfruit. A hint of caramel malts help balance the hop flow and make this Pilsner as drinkable and fruity as it is tasty and fierce.

Grapefruit & Mango (Simcoe, Tettnanger, Amarillo)

Canopy International Bar 4.70%
Beer Description Location Strength
Horny Bull

Strong full bodied stout, liquorice, chocolate and coffee notes. This stout was designed for the beer fed cattle project and has a way of capturing the palate. With exceptional depth and delicious roasted flavours, the fruity hops make this stout an exceptionally delicious stout

Canopy International Bar 7.00%
Massey Red

Pleasant roasted malt and subtle sweetness. This Irish Red Ale is well balanced with a gentle malt character and subtle caramel and chocolate notes. The low hop bitterness and aroma makes it a true sessionable red ale.

Canopy International Bar 5.20%
Beer Description Location Strength
Apple Spirit

A 3 year oak cask matured rich apple spirit with notes of vanilla, pepper and cinnamon.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 40.00%
French Revelation

Our Breton style cider is smooth, velvety and oh so richly flavoursome. After the big tannic punch, it delivers a natural apple sweetness only years of craft could perfect. A wild, fruity and mature cider. (Keg)

Gatehouse Cider Bar 4.80%
Harvest Press

A delicious easy drinking still, cloudy cider with a warm honey colour and distinctive appley aroma, combining rich peaty undertones with the fresh taste of bittersweet apples.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 5.30%
Hazy Rays

A medium sweet still cider. Slightly cloudy in appearance with an abundance of apple fruit aromas, hints of citrus and berry.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 3.90%
Hogan's Draught Cider

Our original no-nonsense cider, 100% fresh pressed. It’s authentically distinctive appley aroma mixed with peaty notes. Packed full of classic cider apple tannins with a well-balanced and pleasing complexity. (Keg)

Gatehouse Cider Bar 4.50%
Killer Sharp

A fresh, earthy and rebellious cider with a fierce and tangy soured apple edge. This is a feisty but proper cider with a twist for those brave enough to try something different. (Keg)

Gatehouse Cider Bar 5.80%
Lonely Partridge

A traditional, delicate still perry, the colour of pale flax. Smooth and fruity with a bittersweet finish.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 5.80%

Oaple Original is a still, medium dry cider starting with a slightly tart apple flavour leading to a full bodied and deliciously fruity taste.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 5.80%
Orchard Reserve

Oaple Orchard Reserve is a still, dry robust full bodied cider with a heady apple fruit aroma and a dry finish.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 6.80%
Panking Pole

A bone dry cider which gets its name the long pole used to shake the apples from the trees. A classic, golden, still, cloudy cider with typical cider apple bitterness and fruit aromas. Complex with a strong finish.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 6.20%

A 5.5% fruity number. Still, crisp, tangy and super drinkable. This is hard cider at its best. How do you like them apples?!

Gatehouse Cider Bar 5.50%
Twisted Barrel


Gatehouse Cider Bar 4.80%
Twisted Tree

Oaple Twisted Tree is a still, medium sweet cider which has a candy apple aroma with fresh apple flavours mellowing to a fruity finish.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 4.80%
Wild Elder

Clear and lightly sparkling. Delicately sweet, locally foraged elderflower blended with our bittersweet and refreshingly delicate fresh pressed English cider with the naturally distinctive aroma of our local rural hedgerows. The perfect companion to those long, hot summer days. (Keg)

Gatehouse Cider Bar 4.00%
Wild Elder

Still and cloudy. Delicately sweet, locally foraged elderflower blended with our bittersweet and refreshingly delicate fresh pressed English cider with the naturally distinctive aroma of our local rural hedgerows. The perfect companion to those long, hot summer days.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 4.00%
Beer Description Location Strength

Jopen Jacobus is a Rye Pale Ale. It is amber in colour and has a fruity bitterness thanks to the use of American hops. The rye malt gives the beer a distinct flavour. Jopen Jacobus RPA is named after the former Jacobskerk. Jopen took over this church for use as a brewery, grand café and restaurant and renamed it the Jopenkerk. This beer was developed in 2011 on occasion of the church’s centenary.

Jacobus was the patron saint of the pilgrims. During their pilgrimages, they spent their nights in guesthouses. These guesthouses were exempt from the payment of levies as long as they brewed beer with rye. This is why Jacobus is a Rye Pale Ale. A beer with body.

Canopy International Bar 5.50%
Beer Description Location Strength

Impy oatmeal stout

Canopy International Bar 9.80%
Beer Description Location Strength
East India Porter Canopy International Bar 6.50%
Mad Hatter
Beer Description Location Strength
Follow the White Bunny

A really big small beer. Huge hop aroma and a full body for the ABV. You will be amazed!

Canopy Bash Taps 2.20%
Nightmare on Bold Street

A luxuriously smooth milk stout, cold infused with the finest coffee beans.

Canopy Bash Taps 5.30%
Tzatziki Sour

This beer really does taste like Tzatziki, and it's perfect for sunny afternoons. Made using Greek yoghurt to sour, with added cucumbers and mint soaked in ouzo. Yamas

Canopy Bash Taps 4.20%
Beer Description Location Strength
American Dream Canopy International Bar 4.60%
Get Wit or Die Trying Canopy International Bar 4.30%
Beer Description Location Strength

Unfiltered Hopped Lager

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.50%

Unfiltered Rye IPA

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 5.00%
Pure XPA

Extra Hoppy Pale Ale

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 3.50%
Saddle Black

Unfiltered Hoppy Black Beer

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 5.80%
Beer Description Location Strength
Rowanberry Sour

Fruit Berliner Weisse

Gatehouse Blackjack Bar 3.60%
Small Beer Sorachi

Session Pale Ale

Gatehouse Blackjack Bar 2.70%
Vienna Lager

Vienna Lager

Gatehouse Blackjack Bar 4.80%
Beer Description Location Strength
Faithless 58

The next in the series of our 100% fermented Brett beers. A complex malt base gives an interesting red ale with summer stone fruit flavours. Only a small number of kegs have been produced, the rest is going into barrel.

Canopy Brewery Bars 4.80%

A gloriously hoppy beer; tropical fruit and a clean Grapefruit finish from Mosaic and Simcoe hops.

Canopy Brewery Bars 5.90%

A surprisingly approachable smoked porter, velvet smooth with a robust malt backbone. This is infused with Chipotles to give even more smokiness and a subtle hint of heat.

Canopy Brewery Bars 5.70%

A classic English session ale brewed with three classic American hops, producing a rounded pale ale packed with the citrus, pine and grapefruits notes you expect from Cascade, Columbus and Chinook.

Canopy Brewery Bars 3.90%
Weightless Citra

The fourth in the Weightless Series, what can we say, big juicy tropical fruit and citrus notes from the Citra hops.

Canopy Brewery Bars 4.20%

This beautifully balanced pale ale is loaded with Citra and Amarillo hops providing massive amounts of tropical fruit with a clean finish.

Canopy Brewery Bars 4.80%
Beer Description Location Strength
Rogue Farms 6 Hop

Brand new beer, part of the Rogue Farms hop family

Canopy International Bar 6.60%
Rosie's Pig
Beer Description Location Strength
Flat Tyre

Medium-sweet, cloudy, and slowly matured still cider paired with a refreshing infusion of rhubarb juice.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 4.00%

Medium-sweet, cloudy, and slowly matured still cider with a generous helping of fruity Damson juice.

Gatehouse Cider Bar 4.00%
Beer Description Location Strength
IPA Gatehouse Blackjack Bar 5.50%
Manchester Tart: Raspberry Wit Gatehouse Blackjack Bar 4.80%
Pale Ale Gatehouse Blackjack Bar 4.70%
Smoked Porter Gatehouse Blackjack Bar 6.00%
Summer Saison Gatehouse Blackjack Bar 4.20%
Wheat Bier Gatehouse Blackjack Bar 5.20%
Sacre Brew
Beer Description Location Strength
Sloe Loris

A pink beer brewed with sloe gin fizz ingredients: juniper berries, kemon peel, angelica root, coriander seed, and having undergone secondary fermentation with the addition of sloe berry juice, which gives it a refreshing sourness.

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.70%

An American-style IPA that's juicy and addictive, light-bodied and loaded with Mosaic goodness.

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 6.20%
Beer Description Location Strength
Bulletproof Canopy Bash Taps 5.80%
Vertigo Canopy Bash Taps 7.20%
Sandford Orchards
Beer Description Location Strength
Cider Ginger

Fresh pressed ginger root and the finest Devon cider creates this wonderfully versatile small batch blend

Gatehouse Cider Bar 4.00%
Beer Description Location Strength
AM:PM Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.50%
American Wheat Ale

Collaboration with Brouwerij 't Ij

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 5.90%
Bear State

West Coast IPA

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 7.00%
Chiron Gatehouse Brewery Bars 5.00%
Cocoa Wonderland

Chocolate Porter

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 6.80%

Big Breakfast Stout

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 7.40%
Halcyon Gatehouse Brewery Bars 7.40%
I Love You Will You Marry Me

Strawberry Blonde Ale

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.50%
Jaipur Gatehouse Brewery Bars 5.90%

Helles Lager

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.00%
Sequoia Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.50%

Koln Style Beer

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.80%
Wild Raven Gatehouse Brewery Bars 6.60%
Beer Description Location Strength

Luscious Black IPA - collaboration with Yes!Ale

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 7.20%
I'm Spartacus

Our Simcoe-heavy take on the fruity/juicy end of the IPA spectrum

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 6.00%

Classic Belgian Blonde, but hopped with Sorachi Ace

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 5.20%

Our smoked barleywine, become a bit of a cult classic

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 10.00%

A big and bitter IPA, citrus and dry

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 7.00%
West of the Sun

New Zealand Pale - loads of Wai'iti for a refreshing zing

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 4.50%
Beer Description Location Strength
IPA Gatehouse Blackjack Bar
Ozark Gatehouse Blackjack Bar
Valpo Gatehouse Blackjack Bar
Twisted Barrel
Beer Description Location Strength
In Amber Clad Gatehouse Brewery Bars 6.80%

Export India Porter

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 6.10%
Saison From Another Place

Elderflower & Pepper Saison

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 6.50%
Wake Up Juice

New batch being launched at BBB depending on availability - may be replaced with Irreversible (DIPA, 8.5%)

Gatehouse Brewery Bars 8.50%
Weird Beard
Beer Description Location Strength
Little Things That Kill Canopy Bash Taps 3.90%
Mariana Trench Canopy Bash Taps 5.30%
Safeword Canopy Bash Taps 6.60%
Saison 14 Canopy Bash Taps 5.60%
Something Something Darkside Canopy Bash Taps 9.20%