Birmingham Beer Bash - Newsletter, 12th Feb 2015

Hi all!

Well you may have noticed on Facebook and Twitter that Birmingham Beer Bash is returning for its third year. Once again we have the stunning venue at The Bond ready and waiting to welcome beer lovers from the Midlands and beyond at the end of July. This year the dates are 23rd - 25th July, with a trade session on the evening of Thursday 23rd, and two public sessions on each of Friday 24th and Saturday 25th July.

As in previous years we'll be bringing a stunning selection of beers from around the Midlands, the rest of the UK and the world. We're already talking with brewers who will be turning up throughout the event to help serve and participate in our popular fringe events, and we're having to make difficult decisions already about which breweries and beers we can and can't squeeze onto our bars this year. Add to that the need to almost literally beat off with a stick a line-up of fabulous food vendors who want to get a pitch, and it all promises to be another spectacular bash.

Tickets are now available online at or via our own website with a flat rate of £10 for public sessions - as always this includes all fees and taxes, and gets you £2 of tokens, a programme and a glass. Our "plus 10" ticket and token bundles are back and if you fancy more than one session then the most popular two-session combinations are available at a special discount price. If you are interested in the trade session, please apply on the website at and if you qualify then we'll get tickets out to you.

The first breweries are being announced already so keep an eye out and we'll try and update you from time to time via this newsletter. We look forward to seeing you there in a few months.

All the best.

The Beer Bash team